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World of Warcraft did not announce the expected update release date, and announced the second Shadowlands patch, which surprised players.

After players have waited for a whole year, "World of Warcraft" players recently finally learned the WOW Classic Gold release date of Shadowlands expansion. Now everyone knows that the next expansion will come on October 27th, so players are racing to complete their final Battle for Azeroth mission, and prepare their characters to transition to a new adventure. Everything is in preparation for the arrival of new expansions, but there is still a lingering question still hanging on Azeroth, that is, when will the pre-patches arrive?
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Many fans initially predicted that Blizzard will release the patch the day before September 22, but the result is that players will get the pre-patch content for just over a month before the new extension arrives. This experience will be very close to the recent expansion of World of Warcraft. In other words, although the developer update did appear on the official Blizzard forum, the patch did not arrive this week. This update did not confirm the release date of the patch, but it did show that this time it was not one patch, but two. This makes things more tense.

In fact, the pre-patch 9.0.1 we expected from the beginning will come and bring some features, such as new character customization options and simplified upgrade experience (may be an upgrade level). Then, at some time shortly before the actual release of Shadowlands, patch 9.0.2 went online and brought a streamlined version of the 51-60 level experience. This method is to get the new character customization options and new upgrade experience in the player's hands as soon as possible, while still allowing Blizzard to make some other adjustments to adjust the 51-60 level experience.

This is an interesting method, and if it goes well, it may change the way in which World of Warcraft will be expanded in the Cheap WOW Classic Gold future. Players can't wait to experience the new expansion. So there is only more than a month left before Shadowlands is launched. It seems that the first of these two patches must be shipped next week, or the next one at the latest. There is usually a lot of exploration in the pre-patches, and Blizzard hopes to give the community a few weeks of content before jumping into Shadowlands, allowing them to play and adapt to the changes.

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