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In order to make players more familiar with the next expansion of "World of Warcraft" and interested in it, Blizzard has been broadcasting a series of animated short films for Shadowlands, called "Afterlives". Each of these short films covers one of the four regions and factions we will deal with in Shadowlands, and previews the main conflicts for players. However, now the legend of "World of Warcraft" is always weird. However, some of the information revealed in these Afterlives shorts is really frightening.

The core premise of Shadowlands is everyone’s soul. When you die, your soul will be judged immediately. From there, it is sent to the WOW Classic Gold final destination. Literally, all afterlife is true and all religions are correct. We will see four of them in the afterlife in Shadowlands, but people can go anywhere, depending on the players' own choices.
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Thall's mother, Draka, was a very kind lady. She passed away, leaving her husband Durotan behind. You can die and never see your loved ones again. Not even something really worrying.

In the recent short film "Ardenweald", we saw the Cheap WOW Classic Gold death of a long-term lore. This is Ursoc, we were killed in the Emerald Nightmare raid when Legion was discharged. Now, as Ardenweald struggles to survive, Ursoc has to sacrifice himself. He died in the afterlife.

what's the situation? If you die in the land of shadows, will you die in real life? What will happen to the double-death? This is totally a headache, and whenever I try to theorize how it works, I get mentally hurt.

But at least for Ursoc, we only need to worry about one soul. In the Bastion short film, we see the death of the Lightbringer Uther in the hands of Arthas, an event that happened during Warcraft 3.

But wait. No, that's not right. Players saw Uther during the Wrath of the Lich King expansion, in the Halls of Reflection dungeon. He had a speech about forgiving Arthas, not wanting him to fall into super hell.

All of this raises a large number of ethical, scientific, and theological questions that I cannot answer. It’s a bit too brain-burning, what happens when the soul dies? Can you have two souls? If so, must one of them be evil? Or are they just misunderstood? All we can do is wait until Shadowlands and its endgame arrive.

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