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What players need to understand is that World of Warcraft Shadowlands DLC will bring some major changes to the game, and there are many pre-patch plans for WoW. It can be said that the R&D team really did their best to make the WOW Classic Gold new expansion more popular. And learned in the latest Blizzard news that they are busy preparing for the October 27 release date of Shadowlands. In fact, after the development team released the background download program before the patch was released last week, they have already started to fill in detailed information about what will happen at the time of the final release.
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One thing that will happen with the World of Warcraft Classic Gold release of the Shadowlands pre-patches, players should also be very interested, and there will be many creations, that is, the arrival of hundreds of new character customization options. Blizzard’s innovative move will make players first notice that the character creation screen has been completely refurbished, with race portraits on both sides of the screen and class icons displayed at the bottom.

When the players select a class, the displayed characters will move in vivid animation, and the animation will capture the essence of the class. For example, Rogues Shadowstep will release a Fan of Knives on the screen, and Shaman will explode with the anger of the elements. The surrounding ground, while Priests floated into the air, then embraced the light.

Players will be able to use the new character customization options of the race throughout the game, including skin color, hairstyle and eye color. Certain races will be able to make unique choices that have made it beyond fundamentals. Such as tattoos, jewelry, beards, scars or flowers to decorate your hair to improve its appearance. The previous settings may be paired together, but now they are separated, so that you can have a more unique creation in character creation.

When preparing to finalize your character, you need to choose a name. As with most interface types, you can check whether the name is available by typing in the name in the field at the top of the screen. A green check mark means you can use it, while a red cross means it cannot be used. You need to try a new variant or new name.

After the Shadowlands pre-expansion patch goes live, new customization changes in the character creation screen will be available, and Barber will be available. One thing missing from these latest guides is the official release date of the Shadowlands pre-patches for World of Warcraft, which may still be before the end of September. Fans hope to get the news before September 29, but it is unclear how long the pre-patch period for the latest World of Warcraft expansion will last. But although something may still happen before the end of the month, I think October 6 is another golden date for Blizzard to make things work.

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