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The eighth new expansion of the popular MMORPG, World of Warcraft: Shadowlands, will be officially released in October. The latest content will free players from the edge of death and reality and enter the afterlife. This setting is novel and has changed in certain game content. I don't know if players will buy it. But Shadowlands is not as sick as it sounds. In fact, the situation is that the realm of the dead enters the WOW Classic Gold world and legend of World of Warcraft.
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Careful players should have discovered that Shadowlands has appeared in World of Warcraft before. It is that the player character can glimpse the Shadowlands when they die, and Shadowlands played an important role in the World of Warcraft Classic Gold second expansion of World of Warcraft, because the league champion saw the vision of the dead in the process of defeating the Lich King. . Since then, Shadowlands will be used in various auxiliary missions or storylines to some extent in every expansion of World of Warcraft.

In Shadowlands, the souls of the dead will be sent to the afterlife suitable for their lives. There, the mortal soul is judged by an arbiter, a mysterious creature bigger than a Titan. Arbiters send people to the afterlife according to their virtues, and every field is governed by covenants. The purpose of each covenant is to maintain the afterlife in which they live. In the latest World of Warcraft expansion, players will choose the covenant they want to join at the beginning of the game. There are six kingdoms in the afterlife in Shadowlands, and there are actually some more ideal situations than others.

Players should know that in World of Warcraft, Shadowlands has six main areas. The six realms of the Shadowlands are Oribos, Revendreth, Ardenweald, Bastion, Maldraxxus, and the Maw. Among them, the realms of Oribos and Bastion are suitable for people who lead a good life. People can feel bright and original in these areas. Other areas, such as Maldraxxus and Revendreth, are darker and more severe. However, the most evil and terrifying soul finally appeared in the Maw.

The Maw is ruled by a mysterious figure called the Jailer. This nightmarish realm is the endgame content of World of Warcraft: Shadowlands, which is not surprising. This is the most despicable afterlife, and it is not the place people want to visit. Because this is the endgame content of Shadowlands, players can expect to find some of the strongest enemies throughout the expansion process.

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