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You don't have to RuneScape gold worry about food, because the skiller doesn't tank... ("HEY 105, catch here, we need a top level to tank the strikes, while we don't have any harm and grab food that is on the ground once you just tanked 10+ blows. Oh ya, no meals for you , since we're lower level than you, we need food more even though we don't get hit". No need to fret about which boss the party's facing, since the skiller isn't fighting. No need to worry about keys, because someone else other than the skiller is ordinarily the keye... more
Ruify Oct 15 · Tags: runescape gold
If you have strength from the high digits for RuneScape gold whatever you are in (ex. 88, 99,78) then you might get an extra 1 damage in your maximum hit, but otherwise it really does nothing. Even with all the additional 1 damage, that payoff is fairly pathetic for how often it needs to be recharged. Rune gauntlets are fine, but there's the recharge cost if you die, and if you pk (that will be pretty much the only use for them in F2P) you are bound to die, which is a nuisance. Even the range reward of green d'hide coif is feeble ... more
Ruify Sep 29 · Tags: runescape gold